Friday, November 25, 2005


It is Thanksgiving after all, so amidts the depression and post-drama, i woudl like to list down the lot i am absolutely thankful for:

- the warm accomodation Mel and her fab family is giving me! Thank you for taking in this misplaced FOB while she is aimlessly around in the East Coast

- the absolute grand time and accommodation i received from NY, CHICAGO, D.C. and BALTIMORE!!! Much kudos to Mitzi, Dave, Osbourne, Hazel, Babar, Cha, Tita Nancy and Jason for taking me in while i explored the city grounds.

- the first time i saw snow (yes, cheesy me!) --- the loveliest of falling flurries came down last night and i stood enchanted and giddy as a kid.

- the weather that permits me to look as wacky and let me get away with it :-P

- the NY/ East Coast experience. It's fun, it's lovely, it's something i wanna do AGAIN!!!

- the opportunity to "find myself" and bum. Literally.

- warm socks, leg warmers and gloves. (beanie also a big plus!)

- reunions, semi-reunions and well, long-awaited talks :-)

- the future (what's next?)

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